Brock Commons

Providing much-needed student housing at the University of British Columbia Campus in Vancouver, Brock Commons is an innovative hybrid structure featuring 17 stories of cross-laminated timber supported by glulam beams atop a concrete base. It is currently the tallest mass timber structure in North America.

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First Tech

First Tech Federal Credit Union’s new corporate office building in Hillsboro is the country’s largest cross-laminated timber structure. The five-story structure features floor-to-ceiling windows that open the space up to the natural surroundings, which include a wetlands area and a park with walking trails.

All images courtesy of Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Carbon 12

Carbon 12 is a cutting-edge mass timber structure located in Portland, Oregon, providing 2,700 sq ft of commercial retail space and 21,000 sq ft of residential space. All major beam-to-column connections, provided by MTC Solutions, utilize modern, pre-engineered, fire-rated concealed connection systems that achieve high load carrying capacity with ease of installation, all while maintaining a clean appearance with the exposed mass timber elements.

All images courtesy of Andrew Pogue

Rocky Ridge YMCA

The YMCA in the Rocky Ridge neighbourhood of Calgary opened in 2017, topped by a 284,000 square foot double-curved glulam roof. Girder connections and purlin-to-girder connections were developed using 1800 RICON S VS connectors with the assistance of our team, assuring a practical and economical result.

Main St

The Punjabi Market in Vancouver is one of the first CLT hybrid structures in North America, combining conventional stick frame wall elements and CLT floor elements. MTC Solutions’ yoke system provided a safe and easy lifting solution.


The John W. Olver Design Building is the largest contemporary academic wood structure in the US. It is also the first in the US to use the wood-concrete composite floor system.

Bow River Bridge

This award-winning structure, located in the historical town of Banff, Alberta, perfectly fits into the postcard scenery of the nearby Rocky Mountains. The 370 ft (113m) structure achieves an incredible clear span of 262 ft (80m) over the magnificent Bow River using twinned sets of glulam girders which range in depth from 8.5 ft (2.6m) at the piers to 3 ft (0.9m) at center span.

Reinforcing Gastown

840 Cambie St. in downtown Vancouver was raised in 1912 from Douglas fir. Unfortunately, the heavy timbers were not seasoned to a moisture content of 15% prior to construction and heavy cracks and checks developed during service life as the wood dried. Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting Engineers (RJC) proposed a gravity load upgrade of the structure using Assy VG screws as it didn’t require heavy lifting or machinery.

Pemberton Barn

In the Centre of Pemberton Village: a Traditional Post & Beam building built by locals & far-flung volunteers of the Timber Framer's Guild. MTC Solutions screws were used for the rafter to beam attachments.


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