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Embark on your mass timber project with confidence, knowing that our technical advisors are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. With a shared passion for sustainability and the success of the mass timber industry, we provide unparalleled technical support tailored to your needs and supply the most cost effective hardware solution packages in North America.


Empowering Engineers with Industry-leading Knowledge

Lean on us as you shape the future of mass timber construction. Through knowledge-sharing and education, our commitment to supporting engineers in the industry goes beyond providing solutions; we offer valuable insights, accessible resources, and training to empower you in your mass timber connection design endeavors. Connect with us to set up your own technical learning sessions or roundtable meetings with our experts to discuss projects, issues, and fundamentals, OR advanced topics about mass timber connection technology.

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At the heart of our mission lies our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for mass timber construction. By actively engaging with various stakeholders and listening to industry needs, we can supply a wide range of essential systems that support the standardization of your mass timber projects. So, when are you booking your next Alignment Meeting with our dedicated representatives?

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Seamless Installation

Our Accounts and Logistics Teams work hand in hand with industry players to ensure a seamless hardware supply. Wood manufactures, industry fabricators, General Contractors, Installers and those responsible for building delivery can rely on our partnership for successful outcomes. Week after week, our Support Teams proves what we are more than just a supplier to the industry.

Beyond Timber: The Vital Role of Connections in Structural Integrity

Without the precise engineering of connections, even the most imposing timber structures would lack the cohesion and strength they need to stand tall

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