Transport Anchor

Material Handling System for Logs, Mass Timber Panels and Beams
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Simple Installation

Glulam Beam

CLT Floor

OSHA Compliant

Product Description

Product Description

The Transport Anchor is designed for quick and simple on-site installation by engaging the throat of the anchor on a 1/2” [12mm] diameter ASSY Kombi LT 3.0 screw, sitting proud on the Mass Timber material surface or embedded into it.


The self-tapping screw used with the Transport Anchor are specifically designed for high-performance steel-to-wood connections and are ICC-ESR code-approved in the United States.



  • Installed with ICC-ESR approved 1/2” [12 mm] diameter ASSY Kombi LT structural self-tapping screws
  • OSHA compliant in the USA
  • IHSA compliant in Canada
  • Specially designed to lift:
    • Mass timber roof and floor panels (CLT / DLT / NLT)
    • Glulam beams 
    • Logs
  • Fast & easy installation allowing for efficient truck unloading sequencing
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Capacity-rated strength

The screw used with the Transport Anchor can be simply installed on the surface of the element and removed after the lift.  Additionally, a circular housing can be milled into the panel allowing the screw to be left in place after the lift, sitting below the surface and out of the way. 

Following the guidelines in our Rigging Design Guide, and with a well-designed truckload sequencing, four Transport anchors can lift heavy timber members of up to 2,500 lb into place while noticeably increasing rigging efficiency.

Design Guides

Design Guides

Rigging Design Guide

A step-by-step guide to lift all engineered wood products available in North America using MTC Solutions OSHA & IHSA compliant solutions. Do it right, do it safely!

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Transport Anchor Installation

Learn how to install MTC’s Transport Anchor, OSHA & ISHA compliant rigging devices used to safely lift CLT floor/roof panels, Glulam beams, and Log members.

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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