Taiyuan, China

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Structural Fasteners

The Botanical Garden Domes complex, in Taiyuan, China, was launched with the ambitious objective of transforming a former coal-mine into a landscape park. It contains infrastructure that can be used for research purposes, offering people access to information about natural ecosystems. The project’s success was the result of international collaboration with companies from 3 continents: North America, Asia & Europe. When viewed from above the timber structures resemble seashells by the lake side, affirming its place as a beautiful world-class attraction, emphasizing the focus on sustainability and structural integrity.

The structure features 3 domes ranging from 43m to 88m in diameter and from 12m to 30m in height. The largest of the three domes is the longest clear-span timber gridshell (non-triangulated) in the world. All three parabolic gridshells comprise light doubly curved glulam beams, arranged in two or three crossing layers. The unique timber structures were chosen due to the material adaptability to the geometric demands, its inherent fire resistance, structural flexibility, natural aesthetic, and environmental sustainability.

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