Beam Hangers Design Guide

Beam hangers offer a system solution that allows hardware to be preinstalled in a controlled shop environment before product delivery. Components, including gravity structure, roof, floor, and wall elements, can thus arrive on site machined and ready to assemble. Apart from time and cost savings, these pre-engineered connectors are known for their capacity to ensure robust connections. MTC Solutions offers four beam hanger systems: GIGANT, RICON S VS, MEGANT, and MEGANT E. They are tested and proven for the North American market, making them the perfect choice for your mass timber projects in the USA and Canada.

The MTC Solutions Beam Hangers Design Guide is a comprehensive resource for using our beam hanger systems, offering tabulated design values, complete detailing, and precise installation instructions that can facilitate your connection design process. It also provides guidelines for other considerations such as fire design, reinforcement, and skewed or sloped configurations. Find out how our beam hanger systems can bring your mass timber project to the next level.

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Years of Connection Testing in One Guide

Our pre-engineered beam hanger systems have undergone a variety of vigorous performance tests, including fully loaded capacity shear tests, interstory drift tests (for the RICON S VS and MEGANT), 1.5-hour fire resistance-rating tests, and ICC Evaluation Service test (for the RICON S VS; details in the ICC ESR-4300). The Beam Hangers Design Guide is a compilation of the data extracted from these tests, formatted into easy-to-read design tables that provide you with the values you need for your North American mass timber projects.

Save Time, Save Money

Our beam hanger systems are a breeze to install, and this document will guide you through this process with straightforward steps that are easily replicable. Plus, our beam hangers have among the best installation tolerances in the North American market, making them more forgiving during installation. The Beam Hangers Design Guide provides all the information you need to install them efficiently and accurately, resulting in a smooth assembly process and ensuring you get the most out of your time and money.

One Guide to Support Them All

The Beam Hangers Design Guide is packed with information relevant to multiple roles within the mass timber project pipeline. From beam size recommendations for architects, to loading capacities and fire ratings for designers, to routing measurements for manufacturers, to installation tips for installers, this document has something for everyone.

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