UBC Transit


Vancouver, British Columbia

Building Type


Square Footage


Product Supplied

Structural Fasteners

The University of British Columbia’s (UBC) University Boulevard bus exchange serves as a main hub for students, flanking the Students’ Union AMS Student NEST building, and is one of the main entrances into the campus grounds. At the time the lack of cover and trees near the bus stop stood out, creating a stark contrast between the freshly paved cement and green surroundings. The bus exchange essentially was a cement void where there was nothing but paved cement and sidewalks, not even a roof for students to shelter from the rain. The school decided to find a unique solution that would incorporate nature in an interesting shape, creating the iconic UBC bus shelter we see today.

The resulting structure reflects the lines of nearby trees with its wood elements, which highlight the cellular arrangement of irregular pentagons with a sense of regular flow. Structurally, the staggered steel poles support the wood canopy which supports the glass that shields it. The effect created by the glass and wood reflects the surrounding trees and foliage, filling in the void created by the cement and pavement. The unique feature of this project is the self-tapping screw system that enables 12,000 screws to drill directly into the steel plates, creating a moment connection that removes any potential of deflection or buckling.

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