Mass Timber Strap 15

Mass Timber Tension Strap 15

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  • Wood/Wood
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  • Mass & Heavy Timber Constructions

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Fast Installation

Mass Timber Panels

Performance-Based Design

Product Description

Product Description

The Mass Timber Strap is a tested high-capacity connection specifically designed for tension applications in Mass Timber construction. Simple to use, the Mass Timber Strap can be installed in various tension applications such as diaphragm or wall-to-wall connections.

The Mass Timber Strap is fastened onto timber elements using ASSY Kombi Long Threaded (LT) 3.0 self-tapping screws which allow for an easy and precise installation onto timber elements without the need for pre-drilling.  The self-tapping screws used with the Mass Timber Strap system are specifically designed for high-performance steel-to-wood connections and are ICC-ESR code-approved in the United States.


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Design Guides

Design Guides

Connectors Design Guide

Learn how to design essential Mass Timber systems with MTC Solutions’ connectors, tested and engineered for the North American market.

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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