Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States. For special requests outside of these areas, please contact a MTC Solutions Product Consultant at (or use request a quote button).

How quickly can we get our products?

We keep a large inventory stocked in our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada for short lead times. Delivery depends on where you are and how large your order is since large pallets only ship by ground.

Good news is local shipping is usually the next day regardless of order size. Shipping across the US varies from 2-7 business days.

How much are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are based on weight, dimensions, distance and whether your order is air freight or ground freight. We include shipping in every quote and can provide estimates for both rush and ground shipping.

Are duties and taxes included in your quotes?

When we provide quotes, we include all duties and taxes for shipping to the US. Your order will be delivered and no payment will be asked of you by the shipping company.

How to order?

We are the North American distributors for all of our products. Orders are taken by our knowledgeable Product Consultants who can be reached by email at, or phone 1-866-899-4090.


How do I get pricing for your products?

You can email and one of our Product Consultants will send you a quote or click on the request a quote, or you can call 1-866-899-4090 to speak to one of our Product Consultants. It’s helpful if you can provide us with a list of hardware date it is required, and your shipping address.

How do I know which products I need?

Resources online (design guides) and brochures can be a helpful start but if you still have questions, reach out to our Product Consultants as a first step, and they can point you in the right direction.

Can I return products I don’t use?

Our products have ICC and CCMC code approvals, which means when you order from us, the products you receive are reliable, high quality and have followed a strict quality control procedure.

We have no control over how our product is handled and where it is stored once it leaves our facility, so we cannot accept returns.

What payment options do you have?

First-time purchases must be paid for by credit card. We accept MasterCard and VISA. A down payment may be required for larger orders and orders that require additional hardware beyond our current in-stock inventory.

Do you offer a re-sellers discount?

Rather than offering a re-sellers discount, we provide discounts based on order volume and lead time. We will always do our best to provide the best possible price.

Do you sell your screws in open boxes?

Our screws are sold in closed boxes of 25-200 screws per box, depending on the type and size of screw, for screws 380mm (15”) and longer, we can often sell by the piece. Contact a Product Consultant for accurate pricing and box quantities.

Technical Questions

I am having trouble downloading resources on your website

In chrome your download should open a new tab automatically after filling out the download form but if it doesn’t or you are using another browser please read the helpful download instructions here.

What kind of drill do I need to use to install fasteners?

Assy screws require specific low torque drills you can learn more in our blog post about which drill should be used to install Assy fasteners.

Can I use standard bits to drive the fasteners?

It is not recommended as the Assy screw heads require a patented driver bits that are manufactured in the same factory as the Assy screws. Using the Assy bit for the screws prevents wearing out the head and provides the right amount of torque to drive the screws in.

Do I need to predrill? And what size drill bit should be used?

For steel-to-wood connections using our ASSY screw, you can find the information in the following document: Structural Screw Design Guide on page 28-29.
For internal knife plate connections using our Self-Drilling Dowels, the pre-drilling diameter is ¼” for steel plate ticker than ⅛”. Thin steel plate and aluminum plates do not require pre-drilling.

Do you have installation instructions?

You can access installation instructions here.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, our technical support team is available weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM PST and can answer the majority of your technical questions about specifying, and installing our products. You can either call us or email us at

Do you have a technical blog?

Yes, you can see it here.

Are you fasteners code approved?

We are the only company in North America to have CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) and ICC (International Code Council) approval for our fasteners.

Do I need to pre-drill?

All our fasteners are self-tapping, so no pre-drilling is required, saving you time and money during installation. A pilot hole may be required to install long, self-tapping screws, and screws installed at an angle or near the edge of wood members. Pilot hole recommendations can be found in our Screw Installation guide (link).

If you would like to learn more check a few blogs we have written on the topic.
Does pre-drilling affect withdrawal resistance?
Is pre-drilling required for inclined screw applications?

Do you have design guides for your products?

Yes, you can check them out here. They are available for both Canada and the USA.

Which lifting device should I use?

Our Rigging design guide will help you select the appropriate rigging device and screws for your lifting needs. If you have further questions, you can contact our Support Team with your lifting plan and we will help you with your selection.

Do you have outdoor fastening solutions?

For outdoors application, the ASSY® A2 Stainless Steel screw line is ideal. They are corrosion resistant, structural, and self-tapping screws.
Read our blog post about ASSY® A2 use in Sheltered Outdoor Applications.

I want to learn more about your different products, can you come to our office?

We provide Technical Learning Sessions remotely via online webinars for Canada and the US. Contact us here to get in touch.

I am curious how do I learn more?

We do webinars on specific topics, you can check out the past ones here. If you want to read about some of our research, check out our white papers, and design guides. You can also keep up to date by receiving our newsletter

Who are your research partners? How do I become a research partner?

We collaborate with various universities across the USA and Canada to develop new products. If you are interested in collaborating with us and have a great idea you can contact us at


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