We provide the knowledge and tools to help our customers build cutting-edge and code-compliant mass timber projects while pushing the boundaries of the North American construction industry.


We are dedicated to making your project a success, from design and installation support to delivering high-quality products with speed and accuracy.

North American Tailored Products

We partner with leading research facilities across North America to ensure our products are tested and customized to fit the unique needs of the market, from seismic considerations to solutions for large post and beam structures in various climates.


Latest from MTC

At MTC Solutions, our core focus is to supply structural hardware for modern mass timber applications in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We are proud to partner with leading industry experts, providing solutions and tools to design code-compliant buildings that are pushing the boundaries of the North American construction industry. Our in-house team of mass timber specialists support professionals to design connections that are tailored to the specific needs of each project, resulting in truly innovative and cost-efficient solutions. We are recognized as experts, moving the industry forward with tested and proven solutions.

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