We provide exceptional assets through our in-house design and supply professionals to support your project from early design stages to efficient delivery on site.


Solution-oriented, we provide the right tools for the code-compliant design of mass timber buildings and deliver our hardware where and when needed from Alaska to Florida.

North American Tailored Products

Partnering with leading research facilities across North America, our own experts were key contributors to extensive research which made us leaders in the field of innovative mass timber connection solutions. We will continue to provide tested and proven hardware solutions for decades to come.


Latest from MTC

At MTC Solutions, our core focus is to supply structural hardware for modern mass timber applications in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We are proud to have worked for more than 10 years with the most innovative partners on cutting-edge projects across North America. Solution-oriented, we provide the right tools to design code-compliant buildings, educating and elevating the knowledge of the mass timber construction industry. We ensure that each connection is tailored to each specific need and then delivered upon, which is the foundation of our sustainable business. We are now the recognized experts in our field pushing the industry forward through tested and proven solutions.

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