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Structural Fasteners

MTC Solutions is the only official North American supplier of  ASSY 3 & ASSY 4 structural self-tapping screws. Our self-tapping fasteners, constructed of hardened steel are engineered to fit the special needs of the North American mass timber market. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, our fastener line provides viable mass timber connection solutions for all structural timber systems.

Partially Threaded

ICC-ESR-approved, Partially Threaded fasteners are designed to pull members tightly together and are often utilized in situations where head pull-through or lateral loading are critical design considerations.

Fully Threaded

Screws are ICC-ESR-approved fasteners are designed to hold wood members firmly in place. Fully Threaded ASSY screws are often utilized to take advantage of their high withdrawal capacities through axial loading using installation angles other than 90°. They are also specially suited for reinforcement applications.

Stainless Steel

ICC-ESR-approved, Partially Threaded Stainless Steel fasteners are designed to pull members tightly together and are ideal for exterior projects.


Self-drilling dowels (SDD) are made out of one piece of hardened high-capacity steel and are specifically designed to connect knife plates with timber members in multiple connection scenarios.

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