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Located in a fast-growing area in south-east Edmonton, the Meadows Community Recreation Centre and Edmonton Public Library emphasize on transparency to create active spaces that are open and welcoming every season of the year. This facility includes two NHL-sized rinks with room for 700 spectators, as well as a fully accessible ice sheet for sledge hockey.

Mass timber was chosen as a natural product to create an environment that is both visually appealing and healthy. The project achieved LEED® Silver certification for features such as a vegetated roof, re-use of waste heat for the spectator seating area, and reduced water consumption.

The biggest challenge with using mass timber in this project was the ambient conditions in the complex. Indeed, the presence of an enclosed swimming pool and two ice rinks created a high interior humidity level. Also, the use of chemicals, required to maintain safe hygiene levels in the swimming pools, generated corrosive vapors. The high humidity and the corrosive vapors lead to an unfriendly environment for wood material.

To solve this issue, the ends of all structural glulam members were factory treated with three coats of end sealer. All other glulam surfaces were factory treated with three coats of polyurethane for interior exposures and five coats for exterior and aquatic area exposures. The underside of the structural wood decking was treated with two coats of polyurethane finish applied on site. Also, all structural steel elements were galvanized and painted.

For more in-depth information, you can read the case study published by the Canadian Wood Council.

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