About Us

Building Forests in the City

Mass Timber Connections (MTC) Solutions (formerly MyTiCon) is a specialty connection system supplier for heavy and mass timber connections in residential and commercial projects.

MTC Solutions is proud to be working with the most innovative partners on cutting-edge projects across North America. Our goal is to see the wood construction industry thrive and help to maintain a low carbon footprint through education, research, and cost-effective approaches.

We Supply

MTC Solutions stocks more than 450 mass timber connection solutions ready for delivery throughout North America.

We Fund

MTC Solutions does extensive research with leading North American universities to innovate Mass Timber Connections Solutions, reduce costs and extend the reach of mass timber in the market.

We Educate

MTC Solutions provides the support needed to design efficient connection solutions. Our North American Support team is available to answer design questions.

We Guide

MTC Solutions offers free educational sessions on mass timber solutions in forms of webinars, technical learning sessions and event participation throughout North America.


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