At MTC Solutions, our core focus is to supply structural hardware for modern mass timber applications in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We are proud to have worked with the most innovative partners on cutting-edge projects across North America for over a decade. Solution-oriented, we offer the right tools for designing code-compliant, sustainable buildings while fostering knowledge and advancement in the mass timber industry. We ensure that each connection is tailored to meet each specific need and then delivered upon, which is the foundation of our sustainable business. We are now the recognized experts in our field, pushing the industry forward through tested and proven solutions.



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In 2011 at the University of British Columbia, Maximilian Closen and his fellow research assistant, came up with MyTiCon concept, which signify strength in connections, mighty [MyTi] connectors [Con], while working on a research project testing connection system for the UBC Bioenergy Building. Extensive testing was done on connection systems at the Timber Engineering and Applied Mechanics lab using among other solutions self-tapping fasteners, by far the easiest to install. The only problem was self-tapping screws were unavailable in North America.

Using the resources they had, the new partners brought self-tapping screws to North America after some negotiating with the manufacturer, MyTiCon found a partner and got its first order. Delivering screws to the construction site on their lunch break Max and his partner ensured one of the first mass timber buildings in North America went up with MyTiCon’s self-tapping screws. The Bioenergy building at UBC, which operates since 2012.

Rebranded MTC Solutions since 2020, which stands for Mass Timber Connections Solutions, the company has come a long way since its first Wood Solutions Fair in 2013 in Vancouver. Now recognized as the experts in the structural hardware consulting & supplying for the mass timber industry, through tested and proven solutions, MTC Solutions (Formerly MyTiCon) is proud to have worked for more than 10 years with the most innovative partners on cutting-edge projects across North America.



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