Pre-Drilling Jig

Eases Installation of Screws and Washers at a 45° Angle
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Steel Plate Compatible

MEGANT Compatible

RICON XL Compatible

Wedge Washer Compatible

Product Description

Product Description

The MTC Pre-Drilling Jig is a multi-purpose installation accessory designed to support more consistent and precise fastener installation with less effort and in less time than conventional pre-drilling processes.

Available in three different sizes to accommodate 5/16” [8 mm], 3/8” [10 mm], and 1/2″ [12 mm] countersunk-headed ASSY VG CSK fasteners, it is compatible with the MEGANT and RICON XL’s inclined fasteners as well as custom steel-to-wood connections (with 45° Wedge Washers, 90° Cup Washers, or appropriately machined holes in steel plates of various thicknesses). The inner diameters [ d ] accommodate standard imperial and metric drill bit diameters recommended for pre-drilling; respectively 3/16” [5 mm], 1/4” [6 mm], and 9/32″ [7 mm]. The outer diameters [ D ] and shoulder geometries mirror the head of the fastener for rapid positioning and alignment, while a tight tolerance at the tip ensures a snug fit with minimal play in the receiving hole.

Pre-drilling offers several benefits, including a faster wood bite and installation, reduction in installation torque and screw breakage hazards, and decrease in screw wandering and deviation, ensuring proper seating of fastener heads in receiving holes and minimizing the potential for screw collisions. Its beveled edges and clearance fit support fast and guided pre-drilling at predefined angles, resulting in a consistent, cost-efficient, and precise fastener installation.


  • For use with MTC’s MEGANT or RICON XL for an accelerated installation process.
  • Cost-efficient in repetitive installation scenarios or when multiple fasteners are to be installed.
  • Simple pre-drilling solution usable in several applications.
  • To be combined with appropriately machined holes or MTC’s 45° Wedge Washers or 90° Cup Washers for faster and more precise fastener installation in steel-to-wood configurations.
  • Compatible with 3 fastener diameters: 5/16” [8 mm], 3/8” [10 mm], 1/2″ [12 mm].
  • Compatible with standard imperial and metric drill bit diameters recommended for pre-drilling.

Warning: After pre-drilling, it is important to clear any sawdust or drill shavings created. Sawdust may retain humidity, which has the potential to damage steel connections over time.

CAD Drawings

2D & 3D Geometry

ProductFile Extension
Pre-Drilling Jig 5/16" [8 mm]
Pre-Drilling Jig 3/8" [10 mm]
Pre-Drilling Jig 1/2" [12 mm]
Design Guides

Design Guides

Structural Screw Catalog

A catalog with all information on our ICC & CCMC code-approved fasteners, including dimensions, references & design properties.

Structural Screw Connection Design Guide

Companion to the Structural Screws Catalog, it provides easy-to-read tables for the most common mass timber connections with design values & installation instructions.

Beam Hangers Design Guide

A detailed selection tool ideal to design post and beam mass timber structures, providing out-of-the-shelves pre-engineered beam hanger solutions.

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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