Kingsway Royal
Alex LRT


Edmonton, Alberta

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Wood Volume (m³)


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Structural Fasteners

This project includes 2 stations, MacEwan &Nait, and a transit centre, Kingsway, both constructed with Glulam beams andGLT roof panels. This Prairie Wood Design award-winning project is built with sustainably harvested wood products that store carbon, instead of non-renewable, energy-intensive building materials that require large amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture.

Mass Timber material was selected for the first new LRT Stations to be added to the Edmonton Transit System in several years.  The code compliant structures are cost effective compared to other constructive materials & offer a bright and welcoming environment. The carbon benefit from the structure is equivalent to either taking 178 cars off the road for one year or, to the energy needed to operate a home for 79 years.

For more in-depth information, you can read the case study published by the Canadian Wood Council.

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