Quayside Park


New Westminster, British Columbia

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During a period of development in Downtown New Westminster’s waterfront area, the need for outdoor communal spaces in the burgeoning neighborhood gave rise to the first park in 1989. This park featured a playground with the theme of “the world in motion” with a submarine at its center, the Quayside Park. Since then, the original park has served the community for almost 30 years. In 2018, the iconic submarine playground was finally retired.

In its place, a plucky little tugboat called “Boomer” has been built for the park. This new playground, by Heather Davidson Design, uses primarily wood playground fixtures assembled with A2 Stainless Steel SK self-tapping screws and wood chips on the ground to provide a softer play area. Blue waves of poured rubber floor pop out of the soft wood chips, bringing an extra dimension to the playground and mimicking the nearby riverfront that defines the neighborhood.

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