Guildford Aquatic


Surrey, British Columbia

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Structural Fasteners

The City of Surrey is poise to overtake the City of Vancouver’s population by 2040, taking the current spotlight as one of the fastest growing cities in the Metro Vancouver area. The city prepared for this eventuality and continue fueling future growth by investing over $5 billion dollars in building new public centers, essential service facilities, infrastructures, and project developments. The construction of the Guildford Aquatic Centre is one of the direct outcomes of this investment.

A $38.6 million extension to the existing Recreation Centre, the Guildford Aquatic Centre stands at 70,000 sqft, with a clear span roof comprised of 22 innovative custom trusses made of LSL (Laminated Stranded Lumber) and Glulam top and bottom chords. The trusses contain a built-in maintenance catwalk hidden from view and contains the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, & Pluming) services such as, fire sprinklers, lighting, and ducting.

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