Boys and Girls


Port Angeles, Washington

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Square Footage


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Structural Fasteners

Completed in January 2021 in Port Angeles, Washington State, the new Boys and Girls Clubs unit was built to provide a neighborhood place for kids to engage in a positive environment and quality programs. The new club unit helps empower youth by providing affordable programs to learn, socialize, and develop life skills. It is fully equipped including several different amenities such as a, gymnasium, commercial kitchen, game room, art room, technology center, education room, outside play area, and more!

The two-story building includes exposed 5PLY CLT roof panels, and walls for the elevator shaft, which truly emphasizes the warmth and liveliness of wood material. The project was challenging from the very beginning with a difficult & limited site, requiring careful panel sequencing and site programming. The resulting structure produced a visually interesting and cohesive design.

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