45° Wedge Washer

Cost-reducing Solution for Steel to Wood Connections
  • Code Approval
  • ICC * with the use of ASSY Fully Threaded fasteners
  • Connection Type
  • Wood/Steel
  • Manufacturer
  • SWG

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Countersunk Head

Fast Installation

Cost Effective

Product Description

Product Description

The cast iron 45° Wedge Washers are an engineered cost-saving solution for steel-to-wood connections. Available in three different sizes and compatible with 5/16” [8 mm], 3/8” [10mm], 1/2″ [12 mm] countersunk headed fasteners, they are easily installed into machined elliptical holes in steel plates.

Using a Pre-Drilling Jig during the installation will not only accelerate the process even further, reducing the overall connections’ cost, but will also ensure a successful and uniform installation.



  • Compatible with 3 fastener diameters, 5/16” [8 mm], 3/8” [10 mm], 1/2″ [12 mm]
  • Compatible with our Countersunk Headed Fasteners, ASSY Ecofast & ASSY VG CSK
  • Combination with a Pre-Drilling Jig recommended for a faster installation process.
  • Reduced complex milling process to countersunk fasteners in steel plates.

The use of 45° wedge washers also eliminates the complex milling process that is otherwise required to completely countersink a screw head in a steel plate. The 45° washers thus allow for the use of a thinner punched out steel plate, leading to more cost-effective steel-to-wood connection solutions.

CAD Drawings

2D & 3D Geometry

ProductFile Extension
45° Wedge Washer 5/16" [8 mm]
45° Wedge Washer 3/8" [10 mm]
45° Wedge Washer 1/2" [12 mm]
Design Guides

Design Guides

Structural Screw Catalog

A catalog with all information on our ICC & CCMC code-approved fasteners, including dimensions, references & design properties.

Structural Screw Connection Design Guide

Companion to the Structural Screws Catalog, it provides easy-to-read tables for the most common mass timber connections with design values & installation instructions.

Code Approvals

Code Approvals

ICC Code Approval ESR-3179 for Partially Threaded Fasteners - 2022 Edition (October)

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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