Youth Park


Surrey, British Columbia

Building Type


Square Footage


Product Supplied

Fully Threaded Fasteners

The City of Surrey is the second largest urban centre outside of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia. The Cloverdale Youth Park is a plaza-style recreation space with ample amenities for outdoor activities, located just across the way from the Cloverdale Recreation Centre, at the city’s Millennium Park. The site features over 100 acres of active and passive recreation space, fostering wide grass fields, court games, entertainment space, a partially covered skatepark, and more.

The design process for the facility followed Surrey’s Sustainable Design Charter—it needed to be ‘forward-thinking’ but still respect the agricultural heritage of the site. The exposed mass timber structure of the roof top canopy was designed in a very rectilinear form to provide an ‘edgy’ vertical element that complements the hard/sculptural lines of the skate plaza terrain. The beam to rafter connections were achieved using 400mm long ASSY fully-threaded VG CYL and VG CSK due to their simplicity of being fully embedded into the wood members, as well as their structural capacity.

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