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  • Mar 15, 2023

Structural Screw Catalog

MTC Solutions’ Structural Screw Catalog is our most comprehensive guide for structural self-tapping screws. It provides designers and installers with a complete set of practical & technical information organized in an easy-to-read chapter structure. It includes all design formulas needed to determine your connections’ capacities, specific installation guidelines with geometry requirements in a wide variety of situations, tools recommendations, service conditions, and all ASSY fastener references to specify in your design.

The structural screw catalog is a go-to tool to design connections and properly install fasteners in your cutting-edge and code compliant mass timber projects.


Version 2.0 US is out! What’s new in it?

  • A completely new vibrant look and visual overhaul
  • Our previous “General Notes” section has been expanded and split into two categories:
    • Notes to the Designer
    • Notes to the Installer
  • The “General Information” section has been expanded to include:
    • A Connection Classification Recap
    • Design Details on Connection Resistances Calculation for Single & Multiple Fasteners Scenarios
    • A Complete Design Formula Summary, including:
      • Adjusted Withdrawal Design Value
      • Adjusted Head Pull-Through Design Value
      • Fastener Tensile Strength
      • Fastener Shear Strength
      • Adjusted Buckling Design Value
      • Adjusted Lateral Design Value
      • Combined Loads Resistance Calculation
      • Load Combination Check
    • A Service Conditions & Corrosion section
  • All MTC fastening solutions in one guide; ASSY 3.0, ASSY 4.0, ASSY Fully Threaded, Stainless Steel Fasteners & SDD
  • New ICC-ESR 3178 2022 Fyb values
  • All MTC installation Accessories with in-depth information to speed up your processes.
  • An in-depth appendix section including:
    • Step-by-Step Installation Guidelines
    • Lateral Connections Knowledge
    • Geometry Requirements
    • Steel to Wood Connection Details


* Canadian version pending for update

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