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Our Strategy

At MTC Solutions, we don’t merely follow the North American business rhythm; we set the tempo! Our strategic presence across the continent ensures that our products are always within reach, no matter where our customers are. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure our customers have access to the mass timber hardware they need, precisely when and where they need it.

Quality without Compromise

At MTC Solutions, we uphold the highest standards of hardware quality control and packaging to meet your project’s needs with precision and reliability. From European manufacturing to delivery, each item undergoes rigorous inspection for strength, durability, and compliance. Our commitment extends to robust, eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that products arrive in pristine condition. Our streamlined labeling and secure packaging processes prioritize your convenience. Trust MTC Solutions for a seamless supply experience—we deliver not just products but peace of mind for your construction project.

We plan together!

We approach your project needs proactively and collaboratively. Our expertise in inventory scheduling and management ensures a smooth supply of hardware for your mass timber project, contributing to a surprise-free process.

Manufactured in Europe Distributed in North America

We combine the renowned precision of European manufacturing with the expansive reach of North American distribution. Our products, crafted with utmost care and expertise in Germany and Austria are tested and distributed across Canada and the United States. We stand behind the quality and precision of every item we deliver.

Your Needs, Your Place, Your Time

Throughout every stage of your project, the seamless coordination among our Technical Support, Account Management, and Logistics teams ensures the accurate delivery of what you need, precisely when and where you need it.

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