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Design Guides

Design Guides

Structural Screw Design Guide

The most complete tool for high-capacity mass timber connections design using ICC and CCMC code approved ASSY structural fasteners.

Design Guides

Structural Mass Timber Fastening Design Guide

Companion to the Structural Screws Design Guide, it provides pre-designed, easy-to-read tables for tens of mass timber connections using high-capacity ASSY self-tapping screws.

Design Guides

Beam Hanger Design Guide

A detailed selection tool to design high-capacity post and beam & beam to girder connections, using MTC pre-engineered beam hangers, including standardized tables & fire design.

Design Guides

Connectors Design Guide

Learn how to design essential Mass Timber systems with MTC Solutions’ connectors, tested and engineered for the North American market.

Design Guides

Rigging Design Guide

A step-by-step guide to lift all engineered wood products available in North America using MTC Solutions OSHA & IHSA compliant Rigging Anchors. Do it right, do it safe!

Design Guides

Fall Arrest Anchor Design Guide

Provide safe working conditions at the leading-edge during mass timber construction with MTC’s OSHA & IHSA compliant anchoring devices.

Design Guides

Self-Drilling Dowel Design Guide

Design cost-effective shear connections with the use of MTC Solutions’ Self Drilling Dowel. Ideal for knife plate connections.

Design Guides

Walco Canadian Design Guide

Detailed design and installation instructions for fully concealed WALCO pre-engineered connection systems in Canada.

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