Eventyre Farms


Calgary, Alberta

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Eventyre Farms is a private equestrian facility located near Calgary, Alberta. The 38,000 ft2 building is a state-of-the-art arena for show jumping, with a viewing deck and platform, bay for transport truck and horse trailer, grooming stalls, tack rooms, stalls for 18 horses, veterinary care room, laundry facility with an industrial washer and dryer and an indoor warm down ring to accommodate 10 to 12 horses after their workouts.

The decision of using mass timber as the main structural and finish material came from the owner of the center that initially preferred the appealing aesthetic of wood after seeing and using facilities constructed and finished with it. That choice was almost made by the owner due to the benefits of mass timber building to be constructed in a simple and cost-effective manner, using sustainable material and allowing more design flexibility than other materials, resulting in a unique and versatile building. One of the other benefits of using wood material is that the outermost lamination of the materials was designed to be sacrificial and non-structural, allowing it to be replaced if overly weathered in time, so the building will maintain its unique aesthetic.

The pre-engineered RICON S VS systems used to connect the Glulam material were installed in a controlled shop environment, allowing, for example, the arches to be shipped in two halves and assembled on-site for a faster workflow and an increased quality control of the product shipped.

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