Pre-engineered Connection System
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  • ETA
  • Connection Type
  • Wood/Wood, Wood/Concrete, Wood/Steel
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  • Mass & Heavy Timber Construction
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Simple Installation

Fully Concealable

Certified Fire Rated

Product Description

Product Description

The MEGANT connector is a pre-engineered post to beam connector, a system manufactured from aluminum with connector plates and threaded rod to secure the connection.

Code-approved reliability, they are installed with the ASSY VG CSK screws which have been awarded an ICC-ESR approval in the United States and the Canadian Construction Materials Centre Reports (CCMC) approval in Canada.



  • Off the shelf high capacity system
  • Pre-installation possibilities
  • Installation that is easy to learn and to replicate
  • Various housing options including fully concealed connections
  • Installed with code-approved ASSY structural screws
  • Concealed connection for fire rating
  • Drop-in assembly
  • Simple tilted and sloped connections
  • Can be used in single, or double connector configuration for maximum capacity

Simple installation is possible with structural screws perpendicular to the plate. MEGANT connectors can be installed fully concealed or visible.  Suitable for timber framing, log home building, mass, and heavy timber construction.



SpecificationMEGANTCapacity Up To [Standard Term Loading]
# ItemMaterial / CoatingFastenersin.mmKips (ASD)kN (LSD)
MEGANT 310 x 60AluminiumVG CSK13 3/8" x 2 3/8"310 x 608.2060
MEGANT 430 x 60AluminiumVG CSK18 1/4" x 2 3/8"430 x 6012.8094
MEGANT 550 x 60AluminiumVG CSK22 7/8" x 2 3/8"550 x 6012.80125
MEGANT 310 x 100AluminiumVG CSK13 3/8" x 4"310 x 10010.5077
MEGANT 430 x 100AluminiumVG CSK18 1/4" x 4"430 x 10017.50128
MEGANT 550 x 100AluminiumVG CSK22 7/8" x 4"550 x 10019.50166
MEGANT 310 x 150AluminiumVG CSK13 3/8" x 6"310 x 15013.60100
MEGANT 430 x 150AluminiumVG CSK18 1/4" x 6"430 x 15022.70166
MEGANT 550 x 150AluminiumVG CSK22 7/8" x 6"550 x 15031.80232
MEGANT 730 x 150AluminiumVG CSK30" x 6"750 x 15032.60318
CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings

ProductFile Extension
MEGANT 310 x 60
MEGANT 430 x 60
MEGANT 550 x 60
MEGANT 310 x 100
MEGANT 430 x 100
MEGANT 550 x 100
MEGANT 310 x 150
MEGANT 430 x 150
MEGANT 550 x 150
MEGANT 730 x 150
Design Guides

Design Guides

Beam Hangers Design Guide

A detailed selection tool ideal to design post and beam mass timber structures, providing out-of-the-shelves pre-engineered beam hanger solutions.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Beam Hanger System MEGANT Tutorial

Learn how to install MTC’s Beam Hangers MEGANT, a perfect pe-engineered connection to achieve post to beam connections.

White Papers

White Papers

Stiffness Considerations for Custom Bearing Beam Hangers

Fire Design for Mass Timber Connections

Installation Requirements of The Beam Hanger Systems

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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