Standard Bay Fire Design

A significant hurdle in fire protection design revolves around the specification and positioning of connectors. It is customary for designers to first determine member sizes before delving into the specifics of connections or defining the connectors. Mandated in the Technical Report No. 10 by the American Wood Council in 2021, the inclusion of a sacrificial wood cover around the connector’s perimeter is critical for achieving the desired fire-resistance rating (FRR). However, this requirement imposes restrictions on available space for placing a suitable beam hanger—an aspect often overlooked during the initial sizing of beams and columns.

Designers are strongly advised to prioritize selecting an appropriate beam-hanger system for capacity before progressing to the design of timber members. This paper outlines a step-by-step procedure for this approach, which allows for optimizing member cross-sections to accommodate the chosen connector, ensuring a sufficient fire rating and avoiding potential high costs associated with late-stage redesigns. Designers are encouraged to select and collaborate with their connection supplier from the outset of the design phase.

The Benefits of Beam Hangers

Beam hangers, such as the RICON S VS and MEGANT, are pre-engineered systems that have undergone rigorous testing to validate their capacity to withstand specified structural loads. This process involved multiple iterations of product development, ensuring the elimination of inefficiencies and the proper design of materials for load resistance. Moreover, their streamlined drop-in installation and factory installation capabilities reduce on-site labor while expediting the construction process. Recognized for their precisely engineered shape and test-verified load ratings, the RICON S VS and MEGANT beam-hanger systems stand out as an ideal solution for fire-rated post-and-beam connections. Adhering to ASTM E119 test standards, these connectors have attained a certified 1-hour FRR under a specified design load.

Designing with Beam Hangers, Optimized

This white paper outlines a five-step approach for choosing a beam-hanger system for a post-and-beam mass timber structure. The iterative nature of this method underscores the importance of considering various factors to attain the desired capacity, detailing, and FRR. This approach ensures a thorough evaluation of all available connection solutions, leading to the selection of the most optimized option.

Confidently Design
Fire-Rated Connections

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