Pre-engineered Connection System
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  • Wood/Wood
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  • Mass & Heavy Timber Construction
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Installable From All Directions

Fully Concealable

Interstory Drift Tested

Product Description

Product Description

The MEGANT E (450×150×50) beam hanger systems are the Extended version of the MEGANT, with deeper clamping jaws, specifically made & tested for seismic scenarios.


These pre-engineered, high-capacity post-to-beam connections were interstory drift tested and demonstrate a ductile behavior, able to sustain load carrying capacity past the 2.5% drift limit.

The MEGANT E allow mass timber member installation from all directions (top, bottom & sides) due to their composition; Two connector plates, two deep clamping jaws (one threaded / one unthreaded), and up to three threaded rods, washers, & nuts that will tighten the assembly together once in place (from top down or bottom up). They are fully concealable, providing adequate fire resistance rating, and are ideal for a serial preinstallation in a shop controlled environment.


  • Off-the-shelf high-capacity system
  • Interstory drift tested
  • Aluminum material
  • Ductile behavior up to 4% displacement in cyclic tests
  • Ductile behavior up to 7.2% displacement in monotonic tests
  • Specialized for mass timber projects
  • Various housing possibilities
  • Allow post-to-beam assembly from all directions (top, bottom & sides)
  • Easily replicable installation
  • Fully concealable for fire resistance rating
  • Installed with ICC code-approved fasteners
  • Can be used in single or double configuration to increase the supported capacity [Contact our technical support team in the second scenario]


They are using a combination of  45° & 90° angled, fully threaded ASSY VG CSK 5/16” x 6-1/4” [8 x 160mm] screws. These fasteners are ICC-ESR approved in the United States and accredited by a Canadian Construction Materials Centre Reports (CCMC) approval in Canada. Using a Pre-Drilling Jig accelerates the process even further and reduces the overall connections’ cost, but it will also ensure a successful and uniform installation.



SpecificationMEGANT ECapacity Up To [Standard Term Loading]
# ItemMaterial / CoatingFastenersin.mmKips (ASD)kN (LSD)
MEGANT E 450 x 150AluminiumVG CSK17-3/4 x 6450 x 15027.02166
CAD Drawings

2D & 3D Geometry

ProductFile Extension
MEGANT E 450x150 Visible
MEGANT E 450x150 Concealed
MEGANT E Top Clamping Jaws
MEGANT E Bottom Clamping Jaws
Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Beam Hanger System MEGANT Tutorial

Learn how to install MTC’s Beam Hangers MEGANT, a perfect pe-engineered connection to achieve post to beam connections.

White Papers

White Papers

Practical Considerations for the Detailing of Beam Hangers

Standard Bay Fire Design

Interstory Drift Stiffness of MEGANT E Connector

Interstory Drift Performance of MEGANT E Connector

Stiffness Considerations for Custom Bearing Beam Hangers

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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