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  • Nov 10, 2017

Can Ricon Beam Hangers Be Used in Skewed Connections?

MTC Solutions

RICON beam hangers can also be used to connect joists to headers at skewed angles (between 35° and 90°) as long as a minimum edge distance of 10mm is maintained in the joist. In skewed connections, the screw length in the joist can be adopted to fit this requirement. The increased embedment strength and withdrawal capacity resulting from installing the screws at an angle >0° between screw axis and grain direction compensates for the shorter penetration length.

If a RICON connector is placed outside of a joist’s horizontal centroid, rotational effects must be accounted for in the design. Fully threaded CYL screws can also be installed at 45° to the horizontal plane to take up any forces introduced by rotational effects.

Joists can also be connected at tilted vertical angles, keeping minimum edge distance requirements.

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