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Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

How to Install MTC’s Beam Hanger System – MEGANT

This blog post offers designers and installers several tips on properly installing the MEGANT beam hanger connector that uses ICC-ESR-approved ASSY VG CSK self-tapping screws. ...

Technical Blogs

Partially Threaded Versus Fully Threaded Screws

MTC Solutions offers a variety of sizes and shapes of self-tapping screws, both in partially threaded and fully threaded screw model. This blog post will cover the differences ...

Technical Blogs

How to Install MTC’s Beam Hanger System- RICON XL

This blog post offers designers and installers several tips to properly installing the RICON XL 390X80 beam hanger system and its ICC-ESR approved fasteners. This blog post ...

Technical Blogs

MTC Solutions Rigging Devices

MTC Solutions rigging systems are innovative devices, developed to accelerate the rigging time of  mass timber elements while maintaining on-site safety. These lab-tested ...

Technical Blogs

MTC Solutions Fasteners for Dry & Wet Service Conditions

MTC Solutions offers fasteners in both coated carbon steel and stainless steel materials to meet the exposure requirements of the North American timber construction industry. ...

Technical Blogs

Detailing Steel-To-Wood connections with ASSY Self Tapping Screws

There are several options available to detail a steel-to-wood connection using ASSY self-tapping screws. It can be done by sitting the screw directly on the steel plate, by ...

Technical Blogs

Concealed Fire Rated
Beam Hanger Systems

Concealed connection systems are often selected for mass timber projects where the wood is a structural element and an architectural feature. Architects and designers often ...

Technical Blogs

Design Value Comparison: USA, Canada & Europe

Many products developed in Europe are available to the mass timber market in North America. Consequently, some designers may attempt to use design values from European ...

Technical Blogs

ICC-ESR approved 45-Degree Washer Detailing and Installation Tips

This blog post will offer designers and installers several tips on properly detailing and installing inclined ASSY self-tapping screws in steel-to-wood connections, utilizing ...

Technical Blogs

How to Install Long Fully Threaded Screws in Near Edge Applications

This post offers a step-by-step solution to avoid common installation issues with long fully threaded screws in near edge applications such as wood splitting, poorly aimed ...

Technical Blogs

Notch Reinforcement with ASSY Fully Threaded Screws

October 10, 2019 Tension side notches in bending members can lead to premature splitting failure. These types of notches are limited in the NDS and the CSA, they still may ...

Technical Blogs

Comparing the Behavior of Shear and Axially Loaded Fastener in Lateral Connections

September 12, 2019 Fasteners used in lateral connections may be used either perpendicular to the shear plane, where the screws are primarily loaded in shear or inclined ...

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