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White Papers

White Papers

Stiffness Considerations for Custom Bearing Beam Hangers

This white paper explores the role of stiffness in designing a custom bearing beam hanger system for mass timber buildings and emphasizes on the importance of testing and ...

White Papers

Installation Requirements of Beam Hanger Systems

The beam hanger system is among the most recent technological innovations in the field of mass timber engineering. These pre-engineered connections are premanufactured, ...

White Papers

Substitution of Lag Screws with Wood Screws

This Special Design Provision suggests adequate self-tapping screw replacements for given lag screw geometry that meet or exceed load-carrying capacities calculated for single ...

White Papers

Purlin to Beam Connection with Full Thread Screws

Roof purlin to beam connections may, most efficiently, be designed with fully or partially threaded structural wood screws. Structural wood screws provide the required ...

White Papers

CLT Special Provisions

This CLT Special Provisions contains reference design values derived from testing. With it, designers can increase cost efficiency for large projects.

White Papers

Timber Moisture Content Changes and Associated Stress Predictions on Structural Wood Screws

Special detailing considerations regarding moisture induced dimensional changes in wood and potential solutions using modern self-tapping screws.

White Papers

4D+ Embedment Reduction Factor for Screws Loaded in Withdrawal

This special provision provided a reduction factor for Assy screws loaded in withdrawal with less than 8D embedment.

White Papers

Timber Concrete Composite Systems (TCC) Design Example

Design values for Timber Concrete Composite Systems with inter-layer and a design example for a TCC-Tbeam are presented.

White Papers

Notch Reinforcement Design USA

A design example following ICC ES reports and NDS design provisions for reinforcing field notching of timber beams.

White Papers

CLT Horizontal Diaphragm Design Example

Practical design method to determine the strength and stiffness of a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) horizontal diaphragm under lateral wind or seismic loads.

White Papers

Steel to CLT Lateral Connections

This white paper reviews the results of recent lateral load testing of Assy screws used to fasten steel plates to CLT.

White Papers

Timber Reinforcement Guide

A variety of typical reinforced timber details such as notches, openings/penetrations, bearing under compression and perpendicular connections.

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