White Papers

White Papers

Research papers presenting an in-depth analysis of a specific research project or connection design. These research papers are based on North American testing and designed with North American building code in mind.

Wood Reinforcement

The white papers in the wood reinforcement subsection cover different reinforcement options for timber elements based on theory and tested application. Fully threaded self-tapping screws are commonly used as a retrofit solution or to enhance the resistance of the wood fibres in the timber elements. The following type of connections are covered:

  • Notch beam reinforcement
  • Bearing area reinforcement
  • Beam and column splitting reinforcement
  • Bolted connection reinforcement
  • Beam retrofitting

Timber Concrete Composite Systems

The white papers in the timber concrete composite systems subsection present different research results for the use of fully threaded self-tapping screws as a connector between timber and concrete elements. As of now, most mass timber flooring systems are covered with a concrete slab that is not connected to the timber element, using a timber concrete composite system may help to reach a greater span, allowing for larger open space in Mass Timber Buildings.

Cost Analysis

The white papers in the cost analysis subsection present an analysis of the cost comparison between fasteners in shear and fasteners in tension considering several fastener arrangements. It lays out the application of structural accessories such as 45° washers in steel to wood connections to increase cost efficiency in Heavy & Mass Timber construction.

Fastener Connection Design

The white papers in the fastener connection design propose different solutions for connection design in cross-laminated timber (CLT), light frame, and structural-insulated-panels. Different researches on connections performance are also presented including:

  • Steel to CLT connection using self-tapping wood screws
  • Self-tapping screws loaded in withdrawal in near-edge applications
  • Common CLT panel to panel connections using self-tapping screws behavior

Mass Timber Framing System Design

The white paper in the mass timber framing system design provides a practical design method to determine the strength of a Cross Laminated Timber horizontal diaphragm and deflection due to lateral wind or seismic loads.

Beam Hangers

The white papers in the beam hangers section present and summarise the many research projects that were conducted on the pre-engineered beam hanger connectors supplied by MTC Solutions. This unique database for concealed beam hangers allows the designers to understand the different behaviors of the connectors under different loading scenarios.

Wet Service Conditions

The white papers in the wet service conditions section present and summarise different concepts and research conducted on the behavior of wood connections under the influence of moisture content variation. MTC Solutions presents one of the only research that has been conducted on moisture content variation effects on the load-carrying capacity of pre-engineered beam hangers.

Fire Rating

The white paper in the fire rating section presents the only full scale fully loaded fire test on pre-engineered beam hangers for mass timber in North America. This white paper reviews guidelines and concepts applicable to the fire design of structural members and connection systems for mass timber construction. These concepts are compared against the results of the first full-scale fire test on pre-engineered mass timber connection systems in North America.


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