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Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

Cost Comparison – ASSY Screws Versus Lag Screws

Cost comparison between different fastening technologies must consider the entire picture to have any relevance.

Technical Blogs

Can ASSY Screws Be Considered “Wood Screws” for the Purpose of Lateral Connection Design? (Canadian)

Clause 12.11 in CSA O86 pertains to wood screws that meet the requirements of ASME B18.6.1. The yield mode equations in Clause include a higher embedment strength in ...

Technical Blogs

Which Diameter Fastener Should I Use for My Lateral Connection Design?

Single shear connection design procedures in both the NDS and CSA O86 are based on the "European Yield Model" which assigns the least of six possible yield mode strengths to ...

Technical Blogs

Can Ricon Beam Hangers Be Used in Skewed Connections?

RICON beam hangers are usually used to connect joists to girders at 90° horizontal angles. Generally, a RICON plate attaches to a joist with the screws embedded in the end ...

Technical Blogs

How to Add up Force Contributions from Inclined Screws and 90° Shear Screws?

When installing inclined fasteners, fasteners driven in at 90° to the shear plane are sometimes installed prior to inclined fasteners to ensure a tight connection and precise ...

Technical Blogs

How Do ASSY Flat Washer Head Screws Compare to ASSY SK Screws?

Assy FWH screws combine the pulling power of a washer-head screw (like the SK) with a clean finish of a countersunk head screw (like the ECOFAST). Code approval for FWH ...

Technical Blogs

Why Is It Recommended to Install Assy Self-tapping Screws in One Continuous Run?

Challenges with site access or equipment limitations may force the installer to stop and drive the Assy screws in multiple runs.

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