Connectors Design Guide

New forms of mass timber construction are pushing the demand for connection technology. Learn how to design essential mass timber systems with the MTC Solutions Connectors Design Guide. This document features connectors engineered and tested for the North American mass timber market, including angle brackets, tension straps, and base shear plates. These connectors are ideally suited to connect mass timber members made from modern engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (glulam).

Within this guide, you will find tabulated design values, geometry and detailing specifications, and testing overviews, helping you design secure connections for your high-capacity mass timber projects.

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A Compact Design Guide for Straightforward Connecting Solutions

Hassle-Free Steel-to-Wood Connections

The Connectors Design Guide outlines essential information about using our North American-tested connectors, including associated hardware details, reference design values, geometry requirements, and installation considerations.

Predesigned Solutions With Diverse Uses

Throughout this document you’ll find examples of common mass timber applications in which our off-the-shelf connectors can be used. This includes wall-to-ceiling, floor-to-wall, and wall-to-wall applications for our brackets; wall strap, diaphragm strap, opening reinforcing strap, and spline connection reinforcement applications for our straps; and more!

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