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Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

The Megant-E,
a Connector for Drift Performance

Beam To Column (BTC) connections remain a point of contention when examining their ability to maintain load-carrying capacity post-earthquake, both custom and pre-engineered. ...

Technical Blogs

Benefits, Design Considerations & Installation Best Practices Using The 45° Wedge Washer

As mass timber members get larger and carry heavier combinations of loads, their connections must also scale up to meet that demand. Steel strong-back or splice plates are an ...

Technical Blogs

Partially Threaded Versus Fully Threaded Screws

MTC Solutions offers a variety of sizes and shapes of self-tapping screws, available in partially threaded and fully threaded models. In this blog we will compare the ...

Technical Blogs

Can the RICON S VS and GIGANT Systems Resist Uplift Forces?

MTC Solutions beam hanger systems are complete pre-engineered solutions available in a variety of capacities to meet the needs of any building project. These beam hanger ...

Technical Blogs

Concealed Fire Rated
Beam Hanger Systems

Concealed connection systems are often selected for mass timber projects where the wood is a structural element and an architectural feature. Architects and designers often ...

Technical Blogs

How to Install Structural Self-Tapping Fasteners?

MTC Solutions fully threaded, and partially threaded self-tapping screws require adapted equipment for a safe, efficient, and accurate installation. This blog post provides ...

Technical Blogs

Tips & Tricks;
How to Install the MEGANT Beam Hangers ?

Modern mass timber construction has gained increasing prestige in recent years. Projects have become more complex, combining traditional designs with modern connections ...

Technical Blogs

Tips & Tricks; Build Your Installation Jigs for 45⁰ & 90⁰ Structural Fasteners

Modern Mass Timber Design concepts have become more versatile with the use of structural fasteners arranged at varying angles to the wood grain. The most common angle to the ...

Technical Blogs

What Does It Mean To Supply ISO 50001 Certified Hardware?

The ISO 50001 certification is designed to support organizations committed to addressing their environmental impact by improving & maintaining their energy management. ...

Technical Blogs

New Connector Solutions! MTC Solutions Angle Brackets

We are pleased to add the Mass Timber Bracket Light [MTBL] to MTC Solutions’ connectors line up! They are joining our package of Mass Timber Connectors, putting us one step ...

Technical Blogs

New Connector Solutions! MTC Tension Straps

We are excited to officially announce the release of 2 new products, both joining MTC Solutions’ connectors line up: the MTS-i 30 and the MTS-i 40 !! They will join our Mass ...

Technical Blogs

R&D News – ASSY VG RH, 14 mm Diameter Fastener Under ICC Testing

MTC Solutions’ Fastener line is about to receive a band new ICC-approved family member, the ASSY VG Reverse Head [RH] screws! The ASSY VG RH are self-tapping wood screws ...

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