Pre-drilling Jig

Ensures proper seating in machined countersunk holes

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Fast Installation

Simple Installation

Clearance Fit

Product Description

Product Description

The MEGANT pre-drilling jig is a simple and efficient tool specifically designed to allow for a precise predrilling of the MEGANT inclined fasteners VG CSK 5/16’’ x 6-1/4” [8 x 160 mm], allowing for an accurate fastener penetration path.


It reduces screw breakage hazard, ensures proper seating of the fasteners head in the connector machined countersunk holes & prevents screw collisions from happening. Its beveled edges and clearance fit to support a fast & guided pilot hole drilling at a predefined angle, resulting in a consistent, cost-efficient, and accurate installation. The MEGANT pre-drilling jig can be used in combination with 3/16” [5 mm] diameter drill bits.


  • Designed to streamline the MEGANT installation
  • Simple & accurate pilot hole for VG CSK 5/16’’ x 6-1/4” [8 x 160 mm]
Design Guides

Design Guides

Beam Hangers Design Guide

A detailed selection tool ideal to design post and beam mass timber structures, providing out-of-the-shelves pre-engineered beam hanger solutions.

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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