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  • Jun 22, 2015

Purlin to Beam Connections Using ASSY Fully Threaded Fasteners

Roof purlin to beam connections may, most efficiently, be designed with fully or partially threaded structural wood screws. Structural wood screws provide the required resistances and are fast and easy to install without pre-drilling using commonly available construction tools. Furthermore the designer now has the option to provide a fully concealed connection solution where no metal brackets are visible. A fully concealed connection (no direct exposed metal) may provide advantages in regards to fire performance ratings and corrosion. The proposed design solution utilizes the strongest and most advantageous property of a structural wood screw, its outstanding withdrawal resistance. Occurring forces and moments are resolved in compression bearing at the interface of roof purlin and beam and tension (withdrawal) forces at the structural wood screws. The proposed code approved ASSY VG full thread wood screw design option may be the ideal solution for design and construction where efficiency and architectural appeal is of great importance.


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