• Webinars
  • Jun 21, 2018

Mass Timber Rigging Devices Overview

Rewatch MTC Solutions’ webinar from 2018 where was highlighted the application and use of the recently engineered MTC’s Yoke’s line. Safe and streamlined rigging of mass timber elements can be achieved using code-approved, high-strength ASSY fasteners in combination with lab-tested MTC Solutions rigging devices. MTC Solutions offers rigging options for all shapes and sizes of heavy & mass timber material, from the thinnest beams to the heaviest panels. These options all respect the specific guidelines set in both Canada and the USA for safe rigging of construction elements. MTC Solutions rigging devices and their pre-engineered tabulated capacities follow these guidelines that are included in the health and safety regulations of each specific jurisdiction where the project takes place [IHSA in Canada & OSHA in the USA].


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