ASSY A2 Kombi

Hexagonal Head, Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Wood Screw
  • Code Approval
  • ICC, ETA
  • Connection Type
  • Wood/Steel
  • Applications
  • Timber Framing, Log Home Building,
    Mass & Heavy Timber Construction
  • Manufacturer
  • SWG

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Hex Head

Ring Thread Tip

Suitable in Wet Service Conditions


Product Description

Product Description

The A2 Stainless Steel Kombi are high corrosion resistant structural fasteners suitable for use in wet service conditions &  corrosive environments. These ICC-ESR approved fasteners are designed for high-performance outdoor steel to wood applications. They offer a precise setting without the need for pre-drilling [may be recommended for long models].

Made from chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel (corrosion resistant) with low carbon content and copper addition. Considered to be equivalent to 304 stainless steel.



Diameters 3/8″ (10 mm)
Lengths4” (100 mm)  to  7-7/8” (200 mm)
  • Regular hexagonal head for uses in outdoor steel to wood applications
  • 304 stainless steel equivalents
  • Suitable in corrosive environments
  • Suitable for use in wet service conditions
  • Aggressive ring thread tip providing the fastest fastener wood bite & installation
  • Installed with AW Bits


SpecificationASSY A2 KombiThread LengthDrive BitPackaging Qty.
# ItemMaterialHead
A2KPT10100Stainless SteelHexagonal Head3/8" x 4"10 x 1002 3/8"60AW 4050
A2KPT10120Stainless SteelHexagonal Head3/8" x 4 3/4"10 x 1203 1/8"80AW 4050
A2KPT10140Stainless SteelHexagonal Head3/8" x 5 1/2"10 x 1403 1/8"80AW 4050
A2KPT10160Stainless SteelHexagonal Head3/8" x 6 1/4"10 x 1603 1/8"80AW 4050
A2KPT10180Stainless SteelHexagonal Head3/8" x 7 1/8"10 x 1803 1/8"80AW 4050
A2KPT10200Stainless SteelHexagonal Head3/8" x 7 7/8"10 x 2003 1/8"80AW 4050
CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings

ProductASSY A2 Kombi DiameterFile Extension
ASSY A2 Kombi5/16"8
Design Guides

Design Guides

Structural Screw Catalog

A catalog with all information on our ICC & CCMC code-approved fasteners, including dimensions, references & design properties.

Structural Screw Connection Design Guide

Companion to the Structural Screws Catalog, it provides easy-to-read tables for the most common mass timber connections with design values & installation instructions.

Code Approvals

Code Approvals

ICC Code Approval ESR-3179 for Partially Threaded Fasteners - 2022 Edition (October)

ISO 50001 Certification for ASSY Fasteners

LA Research Report (LARR): RR 26073

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Structural Fasteners Installation Guide

The structural fasteners installation guide is a practical document designed to simplify the installation process of ASSY self-tapping screws.

White Papers

White Papers

Timber Moisture Content Changes and Associated Stress Predictions on Structural Wood Screws

Substitution of Lag Screws with Wood Screws

Technical Blogs

Technical Blogs

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