Testing New Products at the University of Victoria

At MTC Solutions, we are proud to supply high-quality products that are tested here in North America with North American wood species. All the testing that we do follows applicable standards for the United States and Canada.

The designer can have peace of mind knowing that the values in our design documents are confirmed with extensive testing. We aim to provide design documents that are simple to understand and make it easy to specify our cutting-edge hardware technology.

Our new Angle Brackets are currently being tested at the University of Victoria in different CLT connections. Lateral capacity, uplift capacity, and other load directions are being evaluated.

One of our engineers was present at the testing on May 10 making sure the behavior of the brackets and the wood members under different loading procedures are understood. The testing provides us with an opportunity to come up with a system solution that is both optimized in terms of cost to capacity ratio and as well as providing a safe and fast installation.

The pictures below show the angle brackets being tested using ASSY Kombi fasteners (left) and nails (right). After testing it is important to look at the failure modes of both the angle brackets and the wood members.

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