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  • Oct 10, 2019

Notch Reinforcement with ASSY Fully Threaded Screws

MTC Solutions

October 10, 2019

Tension side notches in bending members can lead to premature splitting failure. These types of notches are limited in the NDS and the CSA, they still may occur on site. Currently, neither code offers any guidelines about possible repairs if 0notches were to occur. Fully threaded self-tapping screws can be installed as tension perpendicular-to-grain reinforcement in these notched members as a cost-effective fix. Installation of self-tapping screws is almost always more cost and time effective than other repair methods such as member replacement or strengthening.

Below is an example of reinforcement using ¼” ASSY VG Cyl. Screw length needed depends on the notch height and the beam height. Information on the subject of notch reinforcement can be found in our Timber Reinforcement Guide (for Canada) and in our Notch Reinforcement Design USA (for the USA).

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