MTC Solutions’ Yoke Rigging System

The Yoke rigging system is a one of a kind rigging system from MTC Solutions, designed to lift various heavy and light mass timber elements. This lab-tested system uses high-quality code approved ASSY self-tapping wood screws.  All Yokes have undergone testing up to the ultimate failure of the system using North American timber species.

The various panels this system can lift include but are not limited to  CLT floor/roof and wall panels, SIP panels, prefabricated I-joist floors and wall, and glulam beams. The Rigging guide provides more information on the Yoke system and how they can be used with simple to use tables for contractors and builders. 

The Yoke anchor configurations and the fast installation of the fasteners make this system one of the most efficient rigging systems on the market.

published August 29, 2019

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