Can You Use the RICON S VS Beam Hanger Systems in Masonry?

RICON S VS is one of the most versatile beam hangers systems, capable of connecting to steel, concrete, and wood. It is also possible to connect the Ricon S VS to masonry; however, this truly depends on the type of anchors used for the connection to the masonry.
The following should be considered in the design:

  1. Specifying a sufficient number of anchors. The shear capacity for the anchors in total should be greater than the load rating of the RICON S VS beam hangers.
  2. Anchor head should be small enough to allow for the sliding of the two RICON S VS plates in place. Generally, a countersunk anchor head thinner than ¼” is recommended for this application.

With the above recommendations, the Beam Hanger System can easily be dropped into place at the job site, utilizing its biggest advantages.

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