What Are the Advantages of Using Self-tapping Screws Compared to Standard Bolts, Dowels, Rivets, and Lag Screws?

The modern Self-Tapping screw is an engineered evolution of the fastener technology used in timber construction. They come in various diameters, length (up to 5ft!) and even head shape, allowing for a more versatile design when working with mass timber.

One of the biggest advantages of the Self-Tapping screw is that it can be installed without any prior pre-drilling. This greatly reduces onsite labor and time for the installation compared to a traditional lag screw. Most lag screws require two different diameters to be pre-drilled prior to the installation. If the head needs to be countersunk, then an additional diameter must be predrilled.

The ASSY fasteners are ICC-ES and CCMC approved for easy approval of your construction plans and allowing for a simple and reliable design.

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